Uttarakhand: 12 IPS officers promoted

The Uttarakhand government on Thursday promoted 12 IPS officers.


The Uttarakhand government promoted 12 IPS officers. The officers who received promotions are as follows:

Officer promoted to Additional Director General rank :

  1. S P Anshuman (IPS:1998)

Officers promoted to IG rank :

  1. Mukhtar Mohsin (IPS:2005)
  2. Nilesh Anand Bharne (IPS:2005)
  3. Karan Singh Nagnyal (IPS:2005)
  4. Narayan Singh Napachyal (IPS:2005)

Officers promoted to Junior Administrative Grade :

  1. Manjunath T C (IPS:2014)
  2. Lokeshwar Singh (IPS:2014)
  3. Ajay Singh (IPS:2014)
  4. Pankaj Bhatt (IPS:2014)

Officers promoted to Senior Time Scale:

  1. Rekha Yadav (IPS:2019)
  2. Sarwesh Panwar (IPS:2019)
  3. Chandrashekhar R Ghodke (IPS:2019)