Rajasthan : 11 IAS officers shifted

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The Rajasthan government on Wednesday (21.07.2021) issued transfer posting orders of 11 IAS officers across the state.

The names of the officers and their postings are as follows :

  1. Pratap Singh (IAS:2016) : Chief Executive Officer, Zila Prishad-cum-Additional District Programme Coordinator (ADPC), EGS and ex-officio Chief Project Officer (MADA), Dausa.
  2. Amit Yadav (IAS:2016) : Assistant Chief Executive Officer, State Health Assurance Agency, Rajasthan.
  3. Rohitashva Singh Tomar (IAS:2016) : CEO, Bhiwadi Integrated Development Authority (BIDA), Alwar.
  4. Sushil Kumar (IAS:2017) : CEO, Zila Prishad-cum-ADPC, EGS and ex-officio Chief Project Officer (MADA), Bharatpur.
  5. Kanishk Kataria (IAS:2019) : SDO and SDM, Ramganj Mandi (Kota).
  6. Rahul Jain (IAS:2019) : SDO and SDM, Chomu (Jaipur).
  7. Saloni Khemka (IAS:2019) : SDO and SDM, Badgaon (Udaipur).
  8. Rishav Mandal (IAS:2019) : SDO and SDM, Sumerpur (Pali).
  9. Girdhar (IAS:2019) : SDO and SDM, Bhawani Mandi (Jhalawar).
  10. Dhaigude Snehal Nana (IAS:2019) : SDO and SDM, Jhadol (Udaipur).
  11. Lalit Goyal (IAS:2019) : SDO and SDM, Bundi.

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