Pass a ‘speaking/reasoned order’: CAT to the Cabinet Secretary on the 360-degree evaluation system


The GOI’s attempt to use 360-degree evaluation system for selection and promote officials has put the bureaucracy on tenterhooks. Officers are against the system, though refrain from making any statement against it for the fear of antagonizing the government.

The inception of 360-degree evaluation system is based on the premises that it would reduce lobbying for key position and allow a systematic reform in the bureaucracy. The present government intends to rely on this assessment system despite an adverse remark on the whole 360-degree by a parliamentary committee.

Naturally, this decision of government has irked many. Principal adviser to the Himachal Pradesh government, Vineet Chowdhury has brought the issue to the notice of Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT). He called the new system arbitrary, opaque, discriminatory, unconstitutional, illegal, irregular and off-the-mark. CAT has taken notice of the documents submitted by Mr Chowdhury and asked the Cabinet Secretary to the GoI to consider Chowdhry’s representation. It also wants the Cabinet Secretary to also take into notice any other representation on the issue. It has directed the secretary to pass a ‘speaking/reasoned order’ on the same within two months.