A woman IAS officer of Haryana cadre has accused her superior — a bureaucrat of the rank of additional chief secretary — of sexual harassment.

The woman, an officer of the 2014 batch, said in her Facebook post that the senior officer always made her stay late at work, make unwanted advances, and even tried to threaten her of putting on record dissenting comments about her work. She went on to allege that the officer has also threatened to “spoil” her ACR.

However, the IAS officer against whom the woman has made the allegations, termed these as false and baseless. He alleged the woman officer had been finding faults in every official file that had already been cleared by others. The officer said, he rather advised her not to write adverse comments on file as some others could spoil her ACR.

The woman IAS officer alleged that the officer asked me to men my ways and stop putting comments on files as it would highlight the wrong doings in department. She accused that the officer even threatened to get me transferred from department within two months. She also claimed that the officer was forcing her to go with him to an event at Rohtak, where he was scheduled to deliver a discourse on spirituality. The woman officer went on to allege that even her security was withdrawn and that she feared that the officer and his men can harm her physically on way back home in the late night. The woman has also accused another senior woman IAS officer of warning her against lodging a complaint for sexual harassment.

When contacted, She said that a thorough inquiry, including review of CCTV footage of the office of the senior could bring the truth out.

The officer in question, however, said that he was willing to go for any investigation. The additional chief secretary said that he was even ready to go for a lie-detector test.