8 top CRPF officers shunted overnight, cadre says IPS brass engaging in ‘foul play’

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In an ‘unprecedented’ move 8 top CRPF officers were issued transfer orders on Monday evening and asked to relinquish their current charge the next morning. The move is being seen an ‘affront’ to the senior officers by the IPS brass.

Several transfers had been were kept in abeyance by the government in view of the Covid-19 crisis, but some key IG rank officers of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were transferred purportedly “in view of operational requirements”.

One of the transferred officers, speaking on condition of anonymity said, “Several of these positions are training and admin-related. What is the urgency in transferring an officer in the middle of the Covid crisis to run CRPF academies where no training is taking place?”

“This is just foul play by the IPS top brass…It is unheard of that officers who have given 30 years of service are asked to pack up their bags in the evening and relieve their office the next day,” the officer added.

There was no response from CRPF to requests for a comment, but the Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson Vasudha Gupta just said “There are a lot of routine activities,” replying to queries via whatsapp.

A senior IPS officer from the CRPF, denied the charge of hastily issuing orders and said,“…these orders were issued in February, and kept in abeyance due to the lockdown…Now that the situation is better, the orders have been implemented,” the officer added. “Everything cannot be viewed with the lens of CRPF-IPS tension.”