14 IAS officers of AGMUT cadre transferred


In a minor resuffle of AGMUT cadre, 14 IAS officers have been transferred. They are :

Anil Kumar Singh ( IAS:1995:AGMUT) has been transferred from Delhi to Lakshadweep while Tarsem Kumar ( IAS:2002:AGMUT ) has been transferred from Delhi to Puducherry. Padma Jaiswal ( IAS: 2003: AGMUT) transferred from Goa to Puducherry.

P.S. Reddy ( IAS:2003:AGMUT) and Sudhir Mahajan ( IAS:2005:AGMUT) have been transferred from Goa to A&NI.

S. K. Bhandari ( IAS:2004:AGMUT) and Chokha Ram Garg ( IAS:2008:AGMUT) have been transferred from Delhi to Goa.

Ajay Kumar Singhla (IAS:2005:AGMUT) transferred from A&NI to Chandigarh.Sanjay Kumar Jha ( IAS:2008:AGMUT) transferred from Delhi to Chanigarh.

Ramesh Verma ( IAS:2009:AGMUT) and Arava Gopi Krishna( IAS:2012:AGMUT) have been transferred from A&NI to Delhi. D. Manikandan ( IAS:2010:AGMUT) transferred from Puducherry to A&NI.

Chaudhari Abhijit Vijay ( IAS:2012:AGMUT) has been transferred Mizorm to Puducherry while Kesavan R. ( IAS:2013:AGMUT) has been transferred from Puducherry to Mizoram.

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