Centre notified transfer of 7 judges in 5 High Courts


The Central Government on Monday (11.10.2021) notified the transfer of 7 High Court judges across 5 High Courts.

The judges transferred are:

  1. Justice Ranjan Gupta : Punjab and Haryana High Court to Patna High Court
  2. Justice Tirunelveli Subbiah Sivagnanam : Madra High Court to Calcutta High Court.
  3. Justice Sureshwar Thakur : Himachal Pradesh High Court to Punjab and Haryana High Court.
  4. Justice Pavan Kumar Bhimappa Bajanthri : Karnataka High Court to Patna High Court.
  5. Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma : Rajasthan High Court to Patna High Court.
  6. Justice Todupunuri Amarnath Goud : Telangana High Court to Tripura High Court.
  7. Justice Subhash Chand : Allahabad High Court to Jharkhand High Court.