10 Additional Judges of Bombay High Court elevated as Permanent Judges

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The Union government on Thursday notified the appointment of five Additional Judges of the Kerala High Court as Permanent Judges.

These ten judges are ;

  1. Justice Avinash Gunwant Gharote,
  2. Justice Nitin Bhagawantrao Suryawanshi,
  3. Justice Anil Satyavijay Kilor,
  4. Justice Milind Narendra Jadhav,
  5. Justice Mukund Govindrao Sewlikar,
  6. Justice Virendrasingh Gyansingh Bisht,
  7. Justice Debadwar Bhalchandra Ugrasen,
  8. Justice Mukulika Shrikant Jawalkar,
  9. Justice Surendra Pandharinath Tavade and
  10. Justice Nitin Rudrasen Borkar.

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