IT Settlement Commission gets 08 new members

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The Narendra Modi goverment, on Friday, cleared the appointment of eight new members of Income Tax Settlement Commission of India for a period of five years or till 62 years of age (whichever earlier).

Name of the members are as follows:

1. S S Rathore (Principal CCIT): Additional Bench-II, Mumbai.
2. Anup Kumar Jaiswal (Pr CCIT): Additional Bench-II, New Delhi..
3. Rajendra Prasad Srivastava (CCIT, Lucknow): Additional Bench-II, Delhi.
4. Sushil Kumar (CCIT-I, Chennai): Additional Bench-II, Mumbai.
5. Shyama Prasad Choudhary (CCIT, Vijayawada): Principal Bench, New Delhi.
6. T P Krishnakumar (CCIT, Coimbatore): Additional Bench, Chennai.
7. Rajani Kant Gupta (CCIT, Ghaziabad): Additional Bench-II, Mumbai.
8. Ashok Kumar Sinha (CCIT, Bangaluru): Additional Bench, Chennai.

In addition, Hukum Chand Jain (Vice Chairman, Additional Bench-I, Mumbai) was transferred to Additional Bench, Channai whereas B D Gupta (Member, Additional Bench-II, Mumbai) was transferred to Additional Bench, Kolkata.

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